Protected: Our campsite and campfire on the Chattooga River

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Big Shoals 1; Rob Brown 0

Even with lower water levels on Big Shoals this year - it packs a punch. Here's the recovery effort after Rob ran the rapid in a canoe.  (I incorrectly call this Bull Sluice in the video which is further down the river.) … [Read more...]

Turn Hole Falls 1; Phillip 0 (aka Phillip Gets Dominated)

Phillip gets hung up on Turn Hole Falls on the Chattooga River and flips his canoe. Here's all the carnage.  Hint - if you do Turn Hole Falls approach and paddle through the rapids to the left. … [Read more...]

The Carnage At Turn Hole Falls

Phillip discusses the carnage on the Chattooga River after he flips his canoe at Turn Hole Falls. Fortunately, all contents are strapped down and nothing floats away. Rob is less fortunate. He gets flipped and loses his kayak (important) and two water bottles (not important). For a Class II rapid, this one packs a punch and takes out 2 of the 6 in our fully loaded crew. … [Read more...]

Roger On The West Fork Of The Chattooga River

Here's Roger clearing a Class II rapid on the West Fork Of The Chattooga River. Good thing that fishing pole didn't get snagged on that tree branch! … [Read more...]

Phillip On The West Fork Of The Chattooga River (aka Phillip Dominates)

Here's Phillip clearing a Class II rapid on the West Fork Of The Chattooga River. He makes it look easy in a canoe - but the Chattooga River would even the score with Phillip later in the day! … [Read more...]

The Chattooga River Armada

Here's The Armada after clearing Big Shoal Falls. We gave it a long look and decided to portage around the Class III. (Pratt is still kicking himself on this one.) The Chattooga River slows to a crawl after Big Shoals - and you can see that here. It's a nice calm after the storm. … [Read more...]